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Special Olympics - 1991

In 1990 planning for the 1991 Special Olympics began. Clyde Moore was president of Crown at the time and wanted to help such a good cause. Crown volunteered to provide PA systems coordination for all the competition venues by rounding up help and equipment from many of the audio companys in the country. Beryl Moore made the needed contacts but in the end, none of the other sound companys were interested in helping. So Clyde decided the event was worth doing and that Crown would take it all on.

As there were 41 venues in the greater Minneapolis/St Paul area that all needed sound reinforcement, some special high horsepower people and companys were tapped. Sam Helms from New Jersey was the man on the ground that orchestrated the events. His friend Paul was in the power distribution rental business and brought out 2 semi tractor/trailers full of electrical utility equipment. Beryl drafted folks from Crown and asked employees to donate their private vacation time to come and work the venues. They lived in a Motel 6 for 10 days. These are but a few of the Herculean tasks that went on.

Below are the daily newsletters that were published during the event. Reading them you can start to get a feeling for what all was involved and how it went day to day. Many stories came out of this 10 day project and the previous month of planning. A special thanks to the Crown pilot (Bob Z) who flew the Crown King Air back and forth almost every day the month before.

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