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The annual picnic wrap up

The annual picnic was held May 20 (Saturday) and we had 60 people signing the guest list. A little lower than expected but still a good turnout. Everybody said they had fun, got full of food, enjoyed the new venue and especially the HEATED bathrooms. We will probably continue using Cobus Creek for a while. Interfering with our event was the Elkhart Airshow which started with a large, loud group flyover of WW2 planes in formation at noon, and the cold weather. Wind was uncomfortable at between 8 and 12 mph almost contiguously and temp was low 50’s. It was coat weather for sure. By 3 PM the group was cleaning up and going home (heaters on full in the car).

The food was excellent and Peggy Thomas bought 100 pcs of chicken for the group on her own dollar. Deserts were plentiful and yummy, cakes, pies, cookies, Texas sheet cake. Covered 24 ft of table space, both sides. Our MC this year was Mr Verne Searer. And a fine job he did. And Clyde told storys celebrating success and not blame, and about tape decks and his dad and then gave the food blessing. Then the planes roared overhead and we all decided to go get food! 1:30 we had the group picture take, although not using the photographers drone as the FAA at the airshow put the kibosh on allowing it in the air.

Next event will most likely be at Cobus Creek although there is a chance we could get an enclosed venue, stay tuned. And there is a chance, a good chance that we will be moving to June 15th as we chase the spring weather away. In the last 10 events we have seen a rain downpoor at Oxbow and now a cold one at Cobus Creek. The other 8 were nice weather.

In closing let me say that this, our 20th anniversary (first was in 2003) was one that 60 people will not forget. And a special thank you to all who helped organize, put it on, and clean up afterwards. It was fun to renew acquaintances and tell old and new stories. Crown was surely a typical large family.

Tom Szerencse

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