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Alumni Spotlight

This is a place where we can spotlight alumni and the stories of their time at Crown.

If you have anything else to add here be sure to let Tom Szerencse know.

Clarence Moore

Clarence Moore

Gerald Stanley

Here's a video of Gerald Stanley (GRS) taken in March 2018 in front of the museum that was in the engineering hallway. He is using the old equipment to walk the viewers through a guided tour of Crown history while he was there.

Interview with GRS

NAMM Oral History Interviews

Check out the NAMM Oral History Interviews main page for a nice story about how all these videos came to be.

Clay Barclay

Bruce Bartlett

Jim Beattie

Mark Darnell

Don Eger

Jim Marks

Dave McLaughlin

Mary Miller

Steve Mills

Clyde Moore

Brenda Mortimer

Steve Peer

Don Peterson

Verne Searer

Larry Shank

Gerald Stanley

Mike Stoll

Dave Stuber

Tom Szerencse

Ken Woodcox

Jim Wordinger

Robert Leininger

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