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Updated June 26, 2019

Hello everybody! As I mentioned last year we are going to try something different for a while. As Crown is officially closed, our carry-in picnics are going to get simpler. We will once again meet at noon, bless the food, eat, and visit. All the other hoopla of last year will be over. Now it's time to talk with friends and catch up. The goal here is to have a picnic every year on the same Saturday (the Saturday before Labor Day weekend) in August so people can plan. And if you have a conflict and miss one, you will only be away for 2 years, rather than 6 as before. So I have just booked the venue. Here are the details.

Oxbow Park in Dunlap (across the tracks from Meijer)
Saturday, August 24, 2019. Weekend before Labor Day.
Stable Pavilion (Not Cottonwood, new site) [info and a map]
Noon till whenever (5 pm max). Arrive between 11:00 and 11:30 so we can get signed in and food set out.

Special notes:

This is a new Pavilion for us at Oxbow. It is the biggest shelter with the most parking. It is also on level ground, so no stairs. You will have to plan the path you drive as you must cross a bridge and drive thru running water to get there. It is tucked back next to Oxbow grade school. You cannot park at the school and walk in the back way. The fence gate is chained closed. [Here's some info and a map]. Look for the signs pointing the way.

Changes from tradition:

  1. The committee has decided to make this a true pot luck. As it is the biggest expense we will NOT be providing meat (chicken). Whatever you guys bring I'm sure will be eaten. Please don't everyone bring meat!!!! I think it will be fun to see what appears. Here's where I plug my favorite, deviled eggs......
  2. The park provides 19 picnic tables that seat 8 per. If you would like you are free to bring lawn chairs. We would just ask that you don't get your favorite friends and go set in a corner together. Try to mingle. This is an open air event with no walls, natural A/C
  3. Speaking of AC, Dave will provide power from his generator for a few hot plates if required.
  4. We will be providing bottled water in coolers & ice. No coffee or juice. No alcoholic drink!
  5. We are also providing plates, utensils, napkins. No cups do to using water bottles.
  6. Feel free to bring your kids. We want this to be a family event.
  7. There has been some interest in posting the exact GPS location for the Stable Pavilion so here it is for you tech savvy folks; 41.635891 -85.914323 (obviously in decimal format)
  8. Entrance is off Cty Rd 45 at main gate. There is a $3.00/car fee for the day. Watch for the signs pointing the way back to the pavilion.
  9. There will be a $$ donation box out. If you feel inclined we sure would appreciate a little help.
  10. Photography: this year we will NOT be hiring a professional. What we want to try is for you amateur photog's to take candid shots. Then after you select the keepers I will post a location and procedure for you to upload your shots on your own to the alumni event web page. Mr Sneddon tells me that even I could do it! So we'll see what we get.
  11. Anybody still around at the end can help with clean up. It would be appreciated.

And lastly, after you have had your fill if you want to walk it off the park is yours till closing. Oxbow has replaced the old wood tower that some kids burned down. It is not as tall but full of character. It is now wheelchair accessible but only the first floor.

Tom Szerencse

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