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Going forward...    published April 29, 2019

Hello everybody! As I mentioned last year we are going to try something different for a while. As Crown is officially closed, our carry-in picnics are going to get simpler. We will once again meet at noon, bless the food, eat, and visit. All the other hoopla of last year will be over. Now it's time to talk with friends and catch up. The goal here is to have a picnic every year on the same Saturday in August so people can plan. And if you have a conflict and miss one, you will only be away for 2 years, rather than 6 as before. So I have just booked the venue. Here are the details.

Oxbow Park in Dunlap
Saturday, August 24, 2019. Weekend before Labor Day.
Stable Pavilion (Not Cottonwood, new site) [info and a map]
Noon till whenever (5 pm max)

Special notes:

This is a new Pavilion for us at Oxbow. It is the biggest shelter with the most parking. It is also on level ground, so no stairs. You will have to plan the path you drive as you must cross a bridge and drive thru running water to get there. It is tucked back next to Oxbow grade school. You cannot park at the school and walk in the back way. The fence gate is chained closed. [Here's some info and a map]

There will be more to come but for now the important thing is to reserve the date on your calendar.

My thought on Alumni picnics is to continue having them until such time as attendance drops significantly, one way or the other.

Committee members:

Be thinking about whether or not you want to participate again this year. The load should be much lighter than last year, so we should need fewer people. I will be contacting you separately in a few months.

I for one am looking forward to mingling with y'all.

Tom Szerencse

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