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Update - February 18, 2018

Welcome back Crown Alums.

Here it is February, 2018 and already it's time for another update.

The CROWN Alum carry-in picnic is still on and Saturday August 18th is still our date. However the venue has changed.

After reviewing the Goshen College Cabin the committee determined it to be too small for our group. Historically attendance is usually between 100 and 125 people. With the closing of CROWN this year we expect more. The cabin is small and parking is limited. So we have changed to a larger facility.

This cycle we will be at the Sailor Center at Hubbard Hill Retirement Community. It is a first class indoor hall with all the amenities. Hubbard Hill is a locally owned faith based property and as such we will honor its mission statement.

There is a medium sized parking lot at Sailor Center which will hold some 30 cars, then we will need to line the feeder streets. As this is a residential area, it is important that we park on just one side of all the streets so emergency vehicles can have access if required. We will have parking attendants to help. You will be allowed to drop off passengers at the Sailor Center but we want to reserve the parking areas around the building for our handicapped alums. Watch for signage.

The event will start at noon with Clyde once again offering a few welcoming words and giving the blessing. We look forward to all the yummy food only all you can provide. As in the past the committee is again providing fried chicken and beverage. After eating you are invited to meander around and talk with all your buds. Remembering the past and getting updated is one of the main goals of the event. Traditionally guests depart between 3 and 4 PM. But no rush. Enjoy the afternoon.

We will have an event photographer taking candid photo's for the web page so you may be included in a shot. If you would rather not be in a photo, just tell the photographer.

At 2:00 we will have a group photo taken. Wear your CROWN swag, if you still have any. We hope that this will be reminiscent of the yearly CROWN and Harman Christmas cards.

We welcome two new committee members this year. Verne Searer and Kim Zimmer have joined the ranks and we look forward to their contribution. I really enjoy working with all these people. They are committed to the events success. Please thank them when you see them.

This year we have a special guest. Dan Del Fiorentino from the NAMM Historical Group will be conducting interviews documenting the passing of Crown into history. This is quite an honor and should be something we will all be proud of when we see it on-line later in the year. Select interviewees will be contacted within the next two months. We know that every CROWN employee has a story to tell. If you have a story that you want to share with the CROWN family, the Alum Committee will be happy to accept your stories, whether written or videotaped for use on our website after review.

Tentative Schedule CROWN Alum Carry-in Picnic


Saturday, August 18, 2018

11 a.m. To 4 p.m.

11:00 a.m. Start arriving

12 p.m. Opening Remarks
and Meal Blessing from Clyde Moore

2:00 p.m. Group Photo

4:00 p.m. Clean up

Please pass this information on to other CROWN family members.
Be sure and check back again in a few months for further updates.
We look forward to seeing and visiting with you again and hope you can attend.

Committee members this year are:

Dave Stuber
Jim Wordinger
Jan Smith
Scott Rombke
Tom Sneddon (web page design)
Verne Searer
Kim Zimmer
Ian Sindell (photographer)
Tom Szerencse

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