Update - November 4, 2017

Hello alums:

The last update was from April 2017 and there are a few things to report as of this update. Our steering committee has decided there will be another alumni picnic. The date has changed from what we normally do. Historically we've had them on the last weekend of August. Next year (2018) it will be moved up one week to Saturday August 18th. The reason for this is we are changing venue. Over the last several years we have held our picnic at Oxbow Park in Dunlap. This time we are moving to the Goshen College Cabin. It is located on the Elkhart river just south of the dam. The venue offers a small house with indoor restrooms, a small kitchen and has a basic A/C system. There is a large deck out front along with a lot of grass. As this will be a mid day activity we are hoping bugs won't be an issue. More to come later on what you will need to bring. Parking will be along the feeder streets and shouldn't be too difficult of a walk. The ground is flat with no stairs to navigate. Look back here more often as next summer approaches.

Also, as you may have heard Samsung/Harman has decided to completely close the Elkhart facility in 2018. That means all departments will be gone by July. That being the case we will no longer have attendance rules for the picnics. From this point on we are all alums, doesn't matter what your seniority was.

I would suggest you come to this event. Don't say "I'll go to the next one". With the Crown building closed and people leaving the area there may be a loss of interest in continuing this tradition. You never know what is in store.

The alumni web page is still up and running. We have added years of old Criers. Just punch up the Crier tab, go to the year of interest, and select a month. I find it fun to look back.

On another tab are photos taken at all the events.

And while you're in here take a read of the Memorial tab. It is getting longer by the day. Review the list of names and see if any good memories come back.


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I suspect the next cover page update will be after Christmas so remember to check back.

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