Update - April 5, 2017

Hello alums:

We are now half way between picnics. The committee has reviewed our status and all agree we should have one more. Several changes have taken place at Crown, and because of it we hope to see a few new people at this next event. Please don't tell yourself "I'll just go to the next one" because we don't know how many more there will be. People are retiring, moving away, and passing at a higher than normal rate. As we all age together and see the changes made in the CROWN family (people and even structural buildings), we are now all CROWN'S alumni. Every employee, past or present, is welcome to this and any future CROWN Alumni Picnics, no further attendance restriction.

At this point we can say with some assurance that it will once again be held in August at Oxbow Park in 2018. If any of you would like to suggest a new venue please pass it along to a committee member and we'll consider it.

Committee members are:
Dave Stuber
Jim Wordinger
Jan Smith
Scott Rombke
Tom Sneddon
Tom Szerencse

If you look at the bottom of the "Who we are" tab you will see 2 links, one to the event coordinator (Tom Sz) and the other to web admin, Tom Sneddon. Send your e-mails there and we'll take over from there. Be sure to include your sending address so we can respond.

We now have the photo's posted from our 2015 event so be sure to check those out. Hit the "Photo Album" tab and it will guide you in. Also there have been recent additions made to the Crier tab. Special thanks go to Ian Sindell, the professional photographer at the event. It was his first year and the photos he took were high quality. Also special thanks go to Terry Bird and Tom Sneddon for all the work scanning and posting Gerald's private collection of Criers. We have recently added a few more. The Fire Anniversary issue and the Memorial issue of Mr Moore's passing. Also a few from the 1990's. Does anybody have any from the 91 Special Olympics time frame? I bet those would be interesting to several of us. Seems Libby was the editor at the time.

In closing let me announce the surprise passing of Edwin Moore, Clarence and Ruby Moore's son. He worked at Crown in the early days and built the WFRN Christian radio station complex. Say a prayer for him and the family when you have a minute. He passed in Feb of 2017.

We all look forward to seeing you at the 2018 event. Feel free to drop me a line if any Alumni have any prayer requests. The more people pinging God the better .

Tom Szerencse

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