Picnic of August 29, 2015

Photos for our latest picnic are temporarily located on Google photos. You can see them here.

Post-Picnic Update - August 30, 2015

Hello alums,

Well the party is over for this cycle. And what a party it was. It was so good seeing all you guys. The food was great and the rain held off till after the meal. I think we may have started a new tradition by passing the mic around and hearing stories told by many of you. Sure brought lots of laughs.

In the days ahead we will try to post the event photos. Many thanks to Ian Sindell. It was his first time as event photographer.

Even more thanks to Dave Stuber who provided the sound system, tables, drinks, and the great Crown sign above the sign in area. Without his help this gathering would be much more difficult.

And by no means can I overlook Jim Wordinger, Jan Smith, and Scott Rombke who provided support in organizing, paper goods, and check in table organization. Scott was the fund raising, and kind of a general helper. When something was dreamt up Scott would always be volunteered to help. (and he did gladly).

Thanks to the chicken sales and your generous donations we will come out ahead once expenses are covered. Special thanks to our corporate sponsor AE Techron. If you're wondering, this event cost ~$600 to pull off.

As long as you're here don't forget to check out the old Crown Criers. There is a tab above that will take you in by year and issue. Again, thanks to Terry Bird and Tom Sneddon for all the hard work scanning and web page modifications to make this work.

If someone is missing a Swiss Army knife, I think it is the "Tinker" model, I have it. Drop me a line and we'll get it to you.

Be watching for the photos. Hopeful we'll have them up in a matter of weeks.

Tom Szerencse

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