New update - March 4, 2015

Hello Crown Alumni. We are sad to report to you that one of our good friends, John Royer, went home on Sunday, February 14, 2015. John was in charge of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Public address system and as such, worked closely with the Crown engineering department. John was never employed by Crown, but should have been. He loved Crown and the people he worked with. John was an accomplished man, running the IMS radio network, as well as the Indiana State Fair PA systems to name but a few. He loved ComTech amplifiers and had them in all his important installations. John got involved with Crown around 1987 and supported us till 2000 when we parted ways with QSC's arrival. You no doubt have seen him wandering about the plant. Please keep him in your prayers. Since John was so special to Crown we have added John to the memorial page. Hope no one is offended. Anyone wanting more info can find it at: John Royer, Brownsburg Indiana 2/14/15.

Now on to the 2015 picnic. Preparations are underway. It will be held once again at Oxbow Park. The date is Saturday August 29th, rain or shine, at the Cottonwood Shelter, same as before. The Shelter has been rented, contract signed so I guess it's official. Mr Moore (aka; Clyde) is planning to be with us along with all of our other friends and characters.

I need your help. Please forward this to any other Crown alumni you know. My address book is partially back from the damaged hard drive but I know I will miss some folks.

This year I would challenge you to think of someone you'd like to see again and give that person a call and a special invitation. For me, I'd like to see Jim Beattie!

Well, that's all for now. This web page will be our main point of communication. Stop back often this summer for more details. I can't wait to sample more of that great cooking (did I say deviled eggs?).

Look for an e-mail announcement this spring.

Tom Szerencse

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