New update - September 22, 2014

And a big hello to all you Crown Alums. Its once again coming time to start planning for the next picnic. I hope you are as excited as we are. Good friends and food from the best chefs ever.

This year your committee members considered having the picnic at the Cove in South Bend. As much individual fun as that would be it would not be as intimate as the 'Picnic in the Park'. I don't know about you but in the last few celebrations I had a rough time getting around talking with everybody. The baseball game would make that even more difficult.

The exact date has not been selected as the parks dept does not start saving dates until Feb. But we are sure we want to do it in August of 2015. August has given us the best chances for good weather. If any of you coming from long distances have conflict any Saturday in August let me know and we'll try to accommodate you if practical.

Please spread the word. I had a computer virus take out my hard drive this year when Microsoft stopped supporting XP. The virus took out my address book. Fortunately I still have the sign in papers from 2012 and have almost finished adding them back in. But I'm sure I will miss people or did not interpret hand writing properly.

I would like to challenge each of you to think of someone you'd like to see and who has never come and make it your mission to invite and continually remind this person to attend. Let's try and bring in a few new old faces.

Ok, that's all I've got for now. In the next update in the winter/spring (same thing here in Indiana) I hope to have the contract signed and the date settled. We may change location just to mix it up a bit but the area we use has the most parking available.

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