Welcome Crown Alumni 2012

Photos of the 2012 carry-in picnic are ready!

Check them out in the photo album.

2007 photo album has been improved!

Larger photos. take a look.

Corporate and Business Sponsors: Thank you for your support!

Post-Picnic Update

Wow, that was fast! After waiting 5 years it seemed like the time just flew by. It was really great to see all of you. I definitely apologize for not getting around and visiting with more of you. The committee was there from 9:50 to 5:35 and still there were people we missed.

Those of you that did talk to us sent a message that 5 years was too long to wait between reunions. So the committee has decided to set the next gathering for 2015, three years down the road. We think that is a reasonable compromise.

In case you're wondering the guest list shows attendance at 112, all heads counted. And with the financial help of the corporate sponsors, donations, and chicken sales for the first time we came away with a small surplus. All prior years the committee covered most expenses out of their pocket. This surplus will go toward the 2015 event.

We really enjoyed the memorabilia table. The pictures were awesome, especially the one taken in the assembly area back in the late 70's or early 80's.

As for the major event, the food was excellent! As always, you guys know how to cook, and bring it you did! There was one disappointment though, my plate was just too small!!! Next time we'll have the food tables along the north face and out of the sun.

Tom Szerencse is logging all your e-mail addresses so next time we can get the word out faster going direct.

Congratulations to Don Spragg for winning the $50 Best Buy gift card for coming the farthest.

Chris Hinton will be submitting event photos soon and Tom will surely have them posted shortly after that. My goal here is to have them up in a week or two.

In closing for this cycle we suggest you check back here every 6 months or so and review the memorial list. Many of our co-workers and friends have headed home already and are waiting our arrival.

We also need to thank the committee members for all their help:

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