Welcome Crown Alumni 2012

Corporate and Business Sponsors: Thank you for your support!

Hello all Crown Alumni. From what I'm seeing I believe this carry-in should be well attended. This will be the final update as the event is less than 3 weeks away. Let's review.

The place is Oxbow Park in Dunlap at the Cottonwood Pavilion, same as past events. The date is August 18, 2012. The time is noon (local) till whenever you've had your fill. The official end time is 4 PM. For those coming from the far reaches of the galaxy please try to be there and signed in by 12:50. You will need to find one of three check-in lines at the table manned by Jan Smith. Take a name tag and fill in your name (for people like me). Then find a clip board and record your name, e-mail address, and how many miles you've traveled (one way). During the opening comments we will award a gift card to the person coming the farthest. Then Mr Moore (aka; Clyde) will say a few words and give the blessing over our food. The committee is providing fried chicken as a main course. We plan to buy 300 pieces. If there are any left over we will be selling them at a reasonable cost after the event, which might be around 2 or 3 pm.

If you are so inclined feel free to bring any old Crown memorabilia to kindle fond memories. These will be set up on a separate table. We would ask that none of these items walk off as they are all owned by your friends.

Please say thanks to any AE Techron and IREC leaders you may run in to for helping defray the event expenses with their corporate donation.

I'm not sure how to best say this so here goes. Most of us will end up gravitating to people in our old "clicks". I suggest you try to mingle for a while before this happens. You never know who you'll run in to.

Before you leave stop at the check-in table and pick up a business card with the web page and Facebook address. You can refer back to it from time to time to see what's going on.

We will try to have photos from this event up on the alumni web page quicker than the 2007 event.

Even with the generous help of the corporate sponsors there are still some outlying expenses. We though it might be a good idea to put a donation container out if you are so inclined. Please no 50 or 100 dollar bills...(joking)...  :)

Before you leave it would greatly help the committee if you would dispose of your trash yourself.

Feel free to bring your favorite folding chairs if you like. We will have a few games for the kids.

Again, we will supply paper plates, plasticware, napkins, and chicken. I can't wait to see and taste the good food you guys are going to bring. Crown carry-ins were always the best. (I remember Jim Wordinger's giant plate he used to bring...)

We would also appreciate input on how long to wait for the next reunion. Some say 5 years is too long, especially given the age of some of us.

Before you come out to the party take a minute or so and read thru the memorial tab. Some of the names may bring back good times. I distinctly remember watching a heated discussion between Walter Myers and Clarence Moore. At the end of the meeting Walter told Mr Moore (in front of everybody) that he was crazy, turned and walked away!

Committee members:
Dave Stuber
Jim Wordinger
Scott Rombke
Jan Smith
Tom Szerencse

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Tom Sneddon (web page designer)
Chris Hinton (event photographer)

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