Welcome Crown Alumni 2012

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Plans are firming up for the August 18 event. Here are some of the highlights.

The Cottonwood pavilion has 2 handicap parking spots near the event. Parking is first come first serve. We are not allowed to park on the grass or road so please find a parking space in the pavilion lot or across the street and to the east about 300 feet. The pavilion is just 150 foot from some primitive restrooms.

There will be a table set up for signing in. Print your name and city and state where you traveled from. There will be multiple lists so it should not take very long in line. Please be sure to fill out and take a name tag. I have total recall,,,,,just not in the same month.

For those of you coming from the outreaches of the universe, there will be a gift card given to the person who traveled the farthest. It will be awarded prior to the food blessing at 1:00.

We will have a Cornhole game set up for both young and old kids. I would ask that the beanbags not walk off. They do that sometimes.

The committee needs your help. If any of you own a golf cart and can bring it we're sure some senior guest parking away from the event would appreciate a lift.

Anybody who wants to come early and help set up or stay late and help clean up is welcome. We could use a few more helping hands. We have the pavilion from 10 to 6.

In keeping with tradition smoking and/or adult drinks will not be allowed at the event.

With two months to go this web page will be changing more often. Please stop in every few weeks.

Please notice the corporate / business sponsors of the event. We thank them for their generosity.

Committee members:
Dave Stuber
Jim Wordinger
Scott Rombke
Jan Smith
Tom Szerencse

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