Update — July 25, 2007:

Remember: The carry-in will be on Saturday Sept 8th @ Crown.

Time is flying by and the Carry-In will soon be here. Let's review the details. As in the early days this is to be a true carry in pot luck. Whatever we bring is what we'll feast on. Park on the east side of 17th street and walk over to the patio entrance. Plan to gather between 12 noon and 12:45 as we will have the blessing and begin the food line at 1:00.

Inside the Moore cafeteria, tables will be set up with power strips for those of us who might want to bring hot items or crock pots. You will want to bring your own service, but should you forget, the committee will have standard picnic fare available. Drink will be provided. Feel free to supplement from the vending machines if you so choose.

After the meal you are free to move about and find that long lost friend and get reacquainted. We have the facility until 5:00 so please don't feel rushed. If anyone would like to see the plant just grab a committee member and he/she will give you the grand tour. And of course you are free to leave at any time during the afternoon.

We need to have everyone sign the guest book upon arrival. The company needs this as a mater of record and the committee will use it to match up names and photos. And please fill out a name tag with your first name and wear it. I'm sure none of you have this problem but name tags help me get over that first embarrassing brain dead moment.

If you have any items you'd like to bring that may spark memories or discussion feel free to bring them. The whole purpose of this (besides eating the best food on earth) is to get reacquainted, tell stories, and laugh a lot.

Again, if you ever worked at Crown, and now don't, you qualify as an alumni. You are free to bring a spouse/friend and even a kido or two but please don't let them run loose. Crown has been very generous in letting us use the facility and we need to show respect for the property. Plus we don't want anyone to get hurt.

Check back here again in a few weeks for another update. We can't wait to see you all!

On a more serious note, we've added two alums to the Memorial page on the web site. Treava Kauffman and Nancy Brock have both gone home this summer. I'm sure they will be with us at the carry-in in spirit!

Your 2007 committee members are:

You can contact the committe via Tom Szerencse at the following address:

Tom Szerencse
Crown alumni organization
c/o Crown International
1718 W. Mishawaka Rd
Elkhart, IN  46517

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