2007 Post-Carry-In Update

Wow! Another great alumni event has come to a close, and this one celebrated 60 years of business for Crown. It was really good seeing and talking with all of you. We sure would have liked to spend more time with some of you. The afternoon seemed to fly by. But the stories recounted were as good as always. A special thanks goes to the Moore family. The brothers were in top form; working the crowds and making us all feel quite at home.

This year we were blessed to see some senior employees. To all our surprise, Agnes Gingerish attended. She was the first bookkeeper for Clarence and Ruby back when the business was just starting. At 96 years young she was our most senior guest. Other seniors attending (in no particular order) were Zelma Morgan, Edmundo Larria, Gale Balmer, Ike Culp, Geno Gevaert, Chuck Gushwa, John Haines, and Margaret Eaton, all in good health.

The guest who traveled the farthest was Mr John Royer of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. John never worked "at" Crown but he sure worked "for" Crown!

And to all the guests let me be the first to say the carry in "pot luck" food was in keeping with Crown tradition! I know this because my scale seems to be reading high this morning!!! Must be broken (again).

The committee members would like to thank Crown President Mr Mark Graham and his staff for the use of the facility. The cafeteria and patio made for a nice place to gather. Thanks are also due to Rick Modjeska and David Glass for setting up and staffing both the Crown and Soundcraft demo trucks for tours. This they gladly volunteered to do for us and the trucks were both quite impressive!

Turnout this year was 79, not quite as large as we were hoping. Our guess is that moving it to September was not such a good choice after all. Future events may be changed back to a summer month and will probably be back to Oxbow Park or some other location. Turnout for the first event in 03 was 150 and the 04 event fell to 100. Both of these were in June and we heard from several that there were family and festival conflicts. That's why we chose September. As noted earlier the committee has decided to wait 5 years before we do the next event. But some of the guests thought that was too long to wait and have already volunteered to join the planning committee in hopes of doing it again 2010. So keep an eye on the web page for the latest schedule for the next event. No commitments have been made at this time. As for the location change, having the event at Crown was a one-time opportunity, granted by the management. We all appreciated the use of the facility. Next time we will try something a little different.

Tracy Szerencse, the event photographer, took several good pictures. Give us some time to get them organized, titled, and uploaded. Check back in a few weeks or so and you'll be able to view them yourself. If by chance you want a full size e-file copy just and ask. The cost will be low (like free).

Can I ask a favor of you all? The committee needs to have as many current e-mail addresses as possible so prior to the next gathering we can do a better job of notifying everyone. Many people simply forgot this year. So please . I will add them to the file we started from the guest book names and addresses.

In closing I would like to remind us all of what a special place we had in the early Crown. With the fire, company growth, the many carry in feasts, Christmas parties, and religious ties, it was easy to see how we all felt a part of a family. This is to the credit of the Moore values. Regardless of why you parted ways with the company, remember your teammates and the good times and plan to attend the next event. And the same holds true for you current employees. Good times are being recorded for your generation right now under the Harman banner. Get to know your team members because before you know it someone from your generation might want to carry this tradition forward for you.

Tom Szerencse
September 19, 2007

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Crown alumni organization
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