It's Time to Gather!


February 24, 2007

The Crown Alumni organizational committee is calling for a picnic this summer. It's been 3 years and we're not getting any younger. So mark your calendars right now before you forget. The date chosen for this year's party is Saturday, September 8th. This date was chosen so that summer vacations and festivals will not conflict. In Crown tradition this will be a potluck carry in (love those deviled eggs). It will be an afternoon event with the blessing of the food to be at 1:00.

Last picnic many guest drove over to the plant for tours so this year the committee thought it might be a good idea to just have the picnic right at Crown. Crown president Mark Graham and his senior staff have graciously allowed this opportunity and we thank them. The outside patio will be open as well as the cafeteria. There are many other details to be worked out so check back here often.

What we need to do is spread the word. I have some e-mail address but I need you all to help. Please pass the information on to all the alum's you know too.

The definition of an alum is very simple. If you've ever worked at Crown but are no longer there, for whatever reason, you are a qualified alum. Your immediate family is also invited.

So how about that! We have good times to look forward to. Be thinking about stuff to bring to help spark memories, photo's, stories, Crown Criers, old hardware, whatever you can dream up.

Your 2007 committee members are:

You can contact the committe via Tom Szerencse at the following address:

Tom Szerencse
Crown alumni organization
c/o Crown International
1718 W. Mishawaka Rd
Elkhart, IN  46517

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