Update — August 29, 2007:

Remember: The carry-in will be on Saturday Sept 8th @ Crown.

It's getting close! Sept 8th is just around the corner. Here is the final update for the 2007 Crown Alumni Pot-luck Carry-In, which by the way is the 60th year anniversary of Crown's beginning!

Plan on arriving between 12:00 noon and 12:45 pm Saturday. Park on the east side of 17th street and come in thru the patio. Mr Clyde Moore will give opening comments and pray the food blessing at 1:00 pm. We will then start the food line. Feel free to eat indoors in the Moore cafeteria or outdoors on the patio. Check out the waterfall while you're out there. Power cords will be provided for crock pots (like Ike) and hot plates. Remember, this is to be a pot luck. What we bring is what we'll feast on. (Deviled Eggs are always good!) Also bring your service. Some paper plates and plastic ware will be available.

After we eat you can find that old friend and get reacquainted. At any time during the afternoon if you see one of the committee members feel free to ask them for a shop tour. We have the building till 5:00pm but you are free to leave when you've told all the stories you can!

Outside of the patio the Crown truck will be open for your inspection. Feel free to stop in and say high to Rick, the captain of the rig. He'll be glad to give you tour and answer any questions you may have.

Now for some logistics. Once you arrive find the guest book and sign in. Sorry to say this is mandatory for security reasons. Also please record your current e-mail address if you have one. Then take a name tag and print your first name. This is to help all of us get past that awkward first moment.

There will be tables for your food goodies. Feel free to bring your spouse and kids but be reasonable with your parties size We have limited room. If you bring kids please keep them under control. On tour they must stay close to you. Remember there are electrical voltages and hot machines lurking everywhere We don't want any accidents.

Cold drinks will be provided. If you desire coffee or cappuccino you can find it in one of the vending machines. The machines will cost.

Handicap parking is available right next to the patio along the building in the designated areas.

We plan to have a few displays of old photos for you to check out. And if you have any old treasures that may spark some interesting conversations bring them along as well.

That should cover it. The committee has decided to have reunions every 5 years so please try to attend this one. See you there.

And a special thank you goes to Mr Tom Sneddon for all his hard work over the years keeping the alumni web page up to date The site is 100% his hard work.

Tom Szerencse
August 29, 2007

Your 2007 committee members are:

You can contact the committe via Tom Szerencse at the following address:

Tom Szerencse
Crown alumni organization
c/o Crown International
1718 W. Mishawaka Rd
Elkhart, IN  46517

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