This was our first announcement for the 2004 Alumni Picnic. Check the home page or the what's new page for more up-to-date info.

Plans are underway for the 2004 Alumni Picnic!

This year's event will once again be held on the last Saturday in June, the 26th and will be at the same place, the Cottonwood Shelter at Oxbow Park. The pavilion will be open to guests at 12:00 noon with the food line starting at 1:00. Since last years event was such a success the committee decided to have another this year in hopes of enticing those "on-the-fence" alumni's who weren't sure they wanted to come. If that's you, please make the effort and come. It will be good to see you. I can tell you that last year's event went by so quickly that it seemed like it was over as soon as it started.

This year we have a special treat

Crown's current president has approved plant tours for the alums. So after the food and social time winds down we will adjourn to the plant and have a 20 to 30 minute walk through. Those of you who haven't see the old place will surely want to come and see how things have changed. More on that to follow in future web page updates.

As we approach June...

As we approach June you'll need to check back here more often. The committee will keep the web page news up to date. All we ask you to do is once again, forward this update to those on your personal address book. The chain letter approach worked so well last year that we need to continue using it. Look for the next update to be posted in late April.

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