Final Update for the 2004 Crown Alumni Picnic - June 19, 2004

This will be the final web page update prior to this year's carry-in picnic. So lets review all the details one last time.

Here are some other important items.

Three things you absolutely must do prior to eating.

  1. Please sign the guest book. If you prefer not to have your picture posted on the alumni web site, make sure you write a note next to your name. Otherwise we'll use it to ID the pictures taken by the event photographer. Please write legibly.
  2. Fill out a nametag and wear it on your shirt. It helps everyone get past that embarrassing first moment.
  3. There will be a clipboard list next to the guest book. If you would like to participate in the plant tours please sign up. We need the count and names for security. Please write legibly.

Crown Plant Tour

This year we have been given clearance to take interested alumni on a Crown plant tour. If you are interested in seeing the plant you need to sign up at the picnic and to be at the plant at 4:00 pm. Park on the east side of the plant, in the parking lot across the street. Walk into terrace and enjoy the water fall or, if it's hot, you can go into the cafeteria. Please stay in one of those two places until you have a tour guide. The tours will cover the manufacturing areas. We are not allowed in engineering. Do not wander around on your own. Tours will not take long, nor will they be in depth, but ask your guide anything you want along the way.

Other Items to Note:

Now for a touchy subject.

This year the committee has decided to display a donation box to accept funds from anyone so moved to donate. These donations are to be voluntary. Please don't feel that you need to give to participate. The event does take some serious money to pull off. The web page alone is over $220/yr to keep up. Anything donated will be appreciated by the committee members.

Our plans for this web site.

Event pictures will be posted on this web site as soon after the event as practical. The alumni web site is where all the latest alumni info will be available. There are discussions about adding a memorial section to list deceased alumni, and even a section with stories - told and written by alums - to record the great memories that everyone has.

And the best for last!

In keeping with tradition, the committee insisted this year on the main course being Nelson's Golden Glow chicken! Yummmm!

It will be good to see you all again.

The 2004 Committee

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