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Crown alumni carry-in held on June 28, 2003

As many of you know last June 28th we held the first Crown Alumni Carry-In picnic. To qualify for attendance you had to fit one of two categories. Either you were an alumni (any vintage) or you were currently an employee with at least 25 years seniority.

Held at Ox Bow Park in Elkhart County, there were an estimated 140 participants. Many generations were represented from as far back as the 60's. Many departments were also represented from engineering, fab, service, manufacturing, administrative, maintenance, Techron, Broadcast, and Amcron to name a few. We were all pleased to visit and talk with the Moore family, including Clyde and Edwin and their wives. A list of those in attendance can be found in the 2003 guest book.

With background music playing through an old Crown SX-824 tape deck, SL2 preamp, PL3 amp, and (surprise of surprises) Crown ES-224 electrostat speakers, the old family mingled and reacquainted themselves. Clyde was kind enough to volunteer to say grace over the more than abundant classic carry-in food. As everyone remembers we did our best work around the dinner table! From Jim Wordinger's oversized plate to mine, stuffed with deviled eggs, all got there fill.

The award for the participant that traveled the farthest goes to Dr Clay Barclay of Louisville, Kentucky, followed closely by Don Spragg of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Despite the morning rain the crowd started to show up at 12:30. After eating commenced at 1:00, many stayed and talked over old times and checked out the picture table. Festivities broke up at approximately 4:00. Everyone left with a full stomach, good memories relived, and a complementary keepsake writing pen with an inscription that said:

Crown International Inc.
Alumni Carry-In Picnic
June 28, 2003 Oxbow Park
Founders Clarence & Ruby Moore
Built by Talented Employees

Feel free to check out the pictures of the event that are posted in this web site. Put your hand over the bottom of the caption under each picture and see if you can guess their names.

Tom Szerencse - 2003 event organizer

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